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Welcome to E-Man's Scrapbook

Do you remember all the old comics E-Man used to have? Crazy Comics, Key Stroke, Kirby vs. Kracko, and even the infamous Kingdom Hearts: The Nintendo Saga? When E-Man went away from Smack Jeeves, what ever happened to all those old comics? Well... They were deleted... However, now they're back for the purpose of nostalgia and showing how E-Man's comics changed over the years. Note: This may or may not include author comics and comics made by other authors might not be included.

May 24th, 2010, 10:36 am

One down... Several more to go!

Alright! E-Man & P.T.: Gaming Star Saga is finished, which means that I don't have anymore pages of that comic. As much as I want to continue that series, I going to have to do that in a separate comic. Besides, there's plenty more comic series to go around before I can stop updating this comic!

Anyway, I better get started on my next comic series, which is both my most favorite and least favorite! Ladies and gentlemen, I gave you the original "Crazy Comics!"

April 1st, 2010, 9:29 pm

Did you miss my old comics?

Many of you who remembered me from Smack Jeeves recalls all the old comics I used to make. Some comics, such as Kirby vs. Kracko and Key Stroke, were pretty successful, while others, such as Kingdom Hearts: The Nintendo Sage, made me look like a fool. Unfortunately, when I left this place, all my comics had to be deleted...

However, the good news is that I'm making a brand new comic to collect all my old comics and give you guys the trip down memory lane you wanted! ....... And it's all gonna start off with E-Man & P.T.: Gaming Star Saga!

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