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E & P.T.: GSS - Kracko badly drawn evil plan

April 2nd, 2010, 10:21 am

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Looks like someone's touchy about their drawing skills...
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Author's Comments:

Reply E-Man, April 2nd, 2010, 11:35 am

Why Kracko is evil In this comic, Kracko demonstrates a badly drawn plan to Dr. Eggman.

By the way, I bet you're wondering why Kracko became an evil scientist, right? Well, before I even knew what Smack Jeeves was, I used to be a "tourist" on Lemmy's Land, a Mario fan site where P.T. Piranha and Crazy Koopa also came from. I wrote a fan fiction about Mario and Luigi traveling to different Nintendo games for that site and that story helped establish several of the ideas I use in play today.

When I got to where Mario and Luigi are in Dreamland, I misspelled Kracko as "Cracko." When a user from Lemmy's Land (No, it isn't P.T. or Crazy. That's another story for how I met them.) pointed that out, I was intrigued that the monster's name started with a K. In fact, I even recall some crocodiles from Donkey Kong that all started with a K. Later, I decided to let Kracko join the Kremlings and eventually become the new leader after K. Rool is sent to jail for life... Or at least that's what should of happened... While Kracko did join the Kremlings in my fan fiction and continue to stay with them in the fan fiction's sequel, K. Rool never actually went to jail because I never was able to finish the sequel.

All of the comics I made for Smack Jeeves in the past are meant to take place after those fan fictions, which is why some of the plot elements I included in my comics never seemed to be explained (although the rest of the unexplained plot elements are due to E-Man's unexplained backstory I never actually got around to explaining properly). However, since most of the ideas I used in my old fan fictions are out of date and I no longer agree with them (Team Doopliss!? What was I thinking!?), I decided to remake all my old story-lines and ideas to fit my new ideas and interests (notably Kingdom Hearts). To ensure this, I'm thinking of creating a new ending for my incomplete sequel that will erase most of the old ideas I don't agree with anymore and make way for another sequel for the fan fiction.

In my new story-line, Kracko will still be some type of villain, but he will be more of Doopliss' villain than E-Man's. At first, he might try to take over the world and stuff, but eventually, he'll meet a few Nobodies that will change him for the better and help him find some type of connection to Sora...

What? Is there a problem with using connections to Kingdom Hearts?

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User's Comments:

Reply plokman, April 4th, 2010, 12:58 am

Not in the slightest.

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